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This step-by-step training series will reveal the secrets to getting a flood of clients from webinars and virtual stages (even if you've tried and failed in the past)
In this NEW free 3-part training series you’ll discover: 
>>> The easy way to design your Webinar or Virtual Talk so that people ask to enroll in your programs (this strategy is so easy anyone can do it!)
>>> The secret to choosing the 'right signature story' so that your audience rushes to join before you even make your offer!!!
>>> Why ‘selling at the end' of your presentation is the worst way to convert new clients...and the surprising (and simple) thing you need to do instead 
>>> How to go from a fear that 'no one wants your programs' to feeling confident in under 7 seconds using the 'Confident Focus Technique' - it's crazy how fast it works
>>> You'll leave feeling clear, confident and ready to deliver virtual and live presentations that don't just get claps, but lead to a flood of clients every time!

DETAILS: Training 1 will start Monday, February 7th, 2022 @1PM PST (Limited replays available)
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“I worked through Colin’s webinar process step-by-step. It not only led to a high-converting webinar but gave me more confidence! I highly recommend his process!
- Carrie Green, Female Entrepreneur Association
Using Colin's step-by-step system I generated more than $450,000 dollars from selling onstage at one event, but more so than anything, it felt really good and authentic...and it felt like me!”
- Amy Porterfield, Digital Course Academy
My webinar conversion went from a 3% up to a 14% conversion rate using Colin’s strategies. We also had a launch that made $250,000 more than it did the previous year. When I say that Colin knows his stuff, I am not lying!" 
- Julie Solomon, The Influencer Podcast)
My webinar conversions increased dramatically after using Colin's Sell From Stage Formula!
- Rick Mulready, The Art of Online Business Podcast)

>>>This step-by-step training will reveal the secrets to getting a flood of clients from webinars and virtual stages (even if you've tried and failed in the past)